Hanover Presbyterian and Resurrection Lutheran Churches are pleased to announce its launch of Rejoicing Spirits, a ministry that works to provide a meaningful, inclusive worship service in a loving and supportive community for people with intellectual disabilities and the people who love and support them. Attendees are free to be themselves while actively participating as contributing members in a faith community. 

The service is at 3.30 pm on the first Sunday of the month  at All Kids Can at 2420 Wilson Ave. in Madison, IN.  Our next worship will be Sunday, October 6th at 3:30 pm.  

Rejoicing Spirits is an innovative ministry created to enrich the spiritual lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, friends and other supportive community members. This is done by offering an interactive and engaging worship and fellowship community which shares God's word and celebrates the message of God's loving grace. The worship service and setting are adapted to be more welcoming to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they are able to actively participate and have roles in the service.

Worshipers are invited to come as they are: people are encouraged to be themselves without fear of being "shushed.”

Worship elements include:

  • Lively upbeat service

  • Lots of singing

  • Repetition

  • Hand motions

  • Percussion instruments

  • Meaningful, interactive sermons

All Rejoicing Spirits worship is open to people with or without disability and members of congregations may prefer the more casual, open style of worship. People of all faith backgrounds are invited to attend. For more information visit

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