Rebekah Ballard


Occupational Therapist

Rebekah is an occupational therapist that assists patients to complete the occupation of life, daily tasks involving dressing, eating, sleeping, processing sensory input to allow for functional outcomes, to name a few. Rebekah works with all ages, working at All Kids Can, in First Steps, at Madison Orthopedic Rehab, at Canaan Community Academy, and with Home Health patients. Before becoming an occupational therapist Rebekah knew about OT subconsciously because of the workings of her grandfather. Growing up Rebekah would spend countless weekends in the woods of Eastern Kentucky learning to whittle soap and stick (using a pocket knife to cut off pieces of material), fish, paint, and other hands on activities both indoors and outdoors. It was not until 8th grade that Rebekah learned that her grandfather was an occupational therapist himself. From that point on Rebekah learned all she could about OT and knew she wanted to be an occupational therapist just like him. Rebekah graduated from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY with her master’s degree in occupational therapy in 2017. Previously Rebekah graduated from Hanover College in 2015. During her time at Hanover she volunteered here at All Kids Can for two summers. Not only does Rebekah love working with kids but she also loves her two cats, Anastasia and Toulouse. During Rebekah’s free time she likes to go see musicals in Cincinnati or go on weekend camping trips out in Eastern Kentucky near where she went to summer camp as a girl scout.