All Kids Can is dedicated to working with children and their families who live in rural areas.  Our mission is to provide local services to children with special needs and developmental delays, so families do not have to travel long distances to receive needed services.  We also provide a variety of other services, including birthday parties, open play times and parent night out events.  We feel privileged that you have chosen us!!!


Preschool Starts

When: Tuesday September 1st

Where: All Kids Can, 2420 Wilson Ave., Madison, IN


Shawe Memorial Students Help Out!

Preschool Coming Soon!

All Kids Can Developmental Preschool celebrates the rights of all children and emphasizes the need for an inclusive and diverse population.  The staff recognizes the need for high expectations for all abilities and backgrounds, which is reflected in the way investigations are implemented. A classroom that combines children with special needs and typically developing children helps foster acceptance and community among individuals which are important in the growth of the whole child. An emphasis on the whole child goes beyond reciting the alphabet and counting to ten. Children will experience situations and materials that engage their senses and give them opportunities to think and experiment in a safe environment.   Movement to engage children’s interest and imagination are essential to the daily routine.   With All Kids Can Therapy and Learning Center located right next to the preschool, children will have the unique opportunity to work with trained Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Developmental Therapists.